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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fix Corrupted Pen-drive / Pen-drive cant be formatted / Pen-drive Unusable.

Fix unusable or corrupted Pen-drive or USB / Pen drive can’t be formatted.
The following steps delete all the data’s inside the media. But it is the simplest and easiest way to fix the media.

Before we begin let me say the cause for this:
1) Most of the cases happens if you take out the media without safely removing.
2) While copying or transferring files you might have taken it out.
There are plenty of causes so I can’t mention all of the cause. This causes the pen-drive to be corrupted.
The problem is that while doing the above, the media’s partition might get deleted. This makes the device unusable etc.

The solution:

   1)      Connect pen-drive / USB to the computer.
   2)      Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
   3)      Then Type DISKPART
   4)      Type list volume.
   5)      * Select the volume by looking at the condition of each volume. Most probably the condition would be unhealthy and appears on the bottom of the list.
Example to select volume: “Select Volume 5”

*Be careful while selecting volume.

   6)      Type list partition.
   7)      If there is any partition delete it by typing the command
“Delete Partition Primary”

If there is no Partition we need to create it by typing the following commands
“Create Partition Primary”

   8)      Close the Command Prompt.
   9)      Click on safely remove device.
  10)   Plug in the device.

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